Welcome to The Smile Isles
The Smile Isles is a Christian Art & Animation Studio. Our mission is to create cartoons that will reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach God's Word. Please support our ministry by making a purchase at our Online Store. Every item sold goes toward funding more Christian Art and Animation. Or, if you would like, you can make a donation to our ministry! Thank you for supporting The Smile Isles!
Paradise Parables: Collection 2
Paradise Parables: Collection 2 is the sequel to the fan favorite Christian DVD series. Each of these wonderfully animated cartoons are based on 100% Bible teachings and lessons. You and your family will learn about the goodness of God, the sacrifice of Jesus, the danger of sin, the importance of the Bible, and much more! Paradise Parables is the perfect way to teach and learn Godís Word in the home, with a friend or at Church. Laugh, cry, smile, and cheer to these nine Christian cartoons that youíll want to watch again and again!
Paradise Parables: Collection 1
From The Smile Isles, the award winning studio that brought you Tomorrow's Hollow, comes a Christian Cartoon Collection unlike anything you have ever seen before. In this wondrous film, a series of nine beautifully animated cartoons are seamlessly woven together to create a unique and remarkable experience for the whole family! Each cartoon is brimming with warmth, comedy, love, and adventure. A Bible verse is at the heart of each tale, and cleverly teaches scripture in a way that reaches all ages.
The Sleuths & The Savior
This animated film is an imaginative tale told during the time of the arrival of Jesus Christ. Two remarkeable young children are self appointed sleuths in the Treehouse Detective Club.Their latest case?... Jesus Christ! Following ancient prophecies, witnessing stunning miracles, unearthing priceless scrolls, and racing around Jerusalem are all in a day's work for these detectives.
Tomorrow's Hollow
This epic animated film follows the story of two lost sheep on their way to find a "Heavenly" resort called Tomorrow's Hollow. Along the way they will encounter a carpenter named Jesus and a wolf in sheep's clothing. With danger and treachery hot on their tails, will these two sheep find their eternal home in time?