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Christian Cartoons

At The Smile Isles, we make cartoons and art that teach children about God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. Please consider supporting our ministry by making a small donation.

The Mini Toon Ministry

The Mini Toon Ministry is a group of tiny cartoon heroes that hope to save the world from the clutches of sin!

Paradise Parables: Collection 1

A humorous collection of 9 cartoons each based on a Bible Verse. A wonderful way to teach scripture and lessons to kids of all ages!

Paradise Parables: Collection 2

Nine cartoons woven together to teach the Bible! From videogame heroes to pirates, there are bound to be moments your family will love!

The Sleuths & The Savior

Two young detectives solve the mystery of the Savior. Join them as they witness the miracles of Jesus!

Tomorrow's Hollow

Follow two lost sheep as they try to find Heaven. Along the way they'll meet a carpenter who knows the way, and a wolf who has other plans!

Sunday School with Sheep

A collection of nearly 20 short cartoons, each based on a Bible Verse. Laugh and learn scriptures with these silly sheep!

The Gates of Heaven

A short cartoon that shows the way to enter Heaven isn't through good deeds, but through Jesus Christ.